Introduction It isEntrepreneurship is a process which ensures a success of every business in their everyday activities.  an approach where an entrepreneur combine the necessary factors of production (labor, capital, entrepreneur) to achieve the set objectives of a firm. The Internet and other Internet related features such as ads, plugins, wiglets and other features play a…(Continue Reading)

Civil and Environmental Engineering Overcoming environmental challenges requires innovative solutions. For decades, the menace of environmental degradation has continued to affect the climate, and there is the need to come up with modern methods of maintaining a friendly environment. After graduating from Kuwait University, I was eager to pursue my masters at the same institution.…(Continue Reading)

Restraint methods in psychiatric hospitals  Nurses have a responsibility to protect patients from injuries. This responsibility, however, can be challenging especially when for patients with mental illness. Most mentally ill patients may suffer from confusion, delirium, and restlessness due to persistent pain, sleep deprivation, drug withdrawal, and other underlying factors. As a result, they may…(Continue Reading)