Exporia’s Plea Concerning Ban On Corn Beer Following the unexpected ban of Exporia’s corn beer by Imporia, Exporia in this document outlines concerns regarding the action and associated implications. Exporia hereby states that Imporia erred in the imposition of the ban. This is in violation of the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary…(Continue Reading)

It was not until the subsequent eight months that the revisions in the GDP data which revealed declining real GDP for the first, second, and also the third quarters of the year 2001.” (“NBER’s Recession Dating Procedure,” 2003) the graphs showing Quarterly real GDP, Real Personal Income less Transfers and Payroll Employment is stated in…(Continue Reading)

adults have an episode or two from their youth of which they are not extremely proud. Perhaps it involved sneaking a beer (or several beers) at a social function, or lying about one’s plans for the evening to get permission to attend a questionable event. Most kids have learned the hard way on at least…(Continue Reading)

Ethical leadership also entails role modeling through noticeable actions. Trustworthiness is seen as a result of ethical behavior rather than an attribute of ethical leaders themselves. Authentic leaders maintain that people have to act in concert with their deep personal and moral values and beliefs, but instead of centering on intrapersonal courses like self-awareness and…(Continue Reading)

Multicultural Manners Norine Dresser’s Multicultural Manners was designed a handy guidebook for white, middle class Americans who have to deal with others of a different color, religion or ethnicity, either in big cities in the United States or overseas. Written in a breezy, informal style, its first section of New Rules of Communication has sections…(Continue Reading)

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and the health care in US hospitals The concept of EBP is founded on the evidently sufficient research on how to safely handle health conditions such as heart failure, asthma and diabetes among other conditions. The challenge however is, even in the face of the numerous research conducted which focus on…(Continue Reading)

Delegation Leaders who are effective in delegating responsibilities receive a number of personal benefits as well. Most notably, assigning tasks to their subordinates leaves them with sufficient time to perform their own tasks effectively. On account of managerial work’s hectic nature, time is one precious commodity for managers. Efficient delegation ensures that managers are free…(Continue Reading)