Personnel in Technology Society and Term Paper

A number or studies have been in place to perceive whether personality affects working environments. Example being V.J. Bentz (1985) who conducted a study at the department store Sears on ineffective managers and in his studies he establish that approximately all of the managers had a defect of some sort in their personality, Lesley and Van Velsor (1996) also conducted studies which brought to board four personality traits of ineffective managers. These traits were poor interpersonal skills in other words being insensitive, arrogant, cold, aloof, overly ambitious, another one is being unable to get work done which groups betraying trust, not following through, overly ambitious then we have unable to build a team, and finally unable to make the transition after promotion . These personality traits that were portrayed by these managers were proved to be negatively affecting the working environment. Therefore it is very important for a positive and effective personality to be demonstrated by the leaders for them to gain respect among their organization and members.

Working together is something that a team should embrace in order to be productive and successful. Once this is embraced then a team can work together, hence they will be able to elevate and resolve pending situations that are ranked in the way of fulfilling a goal (LaFasto et al., 2001). Although working together may not be easily realized, but adequate training will enable the team to adapt quickly. The areas where the training should touch on are better ways of communication, conflict management, or comprehend the ideas and talents that all and sundry brings to the on board. prior to the training a jam-packed evaluation of the team’s need is recommended (Bubshait)., numerous companies make available workshops in communication skills, meetings management, listening, assertiveness, conflict resolution, goal setting, and other topics just to encourage team members to work together which helps in being an effective team player (Parker, 1990). A lot more work is usually accomplished when people are working mutually efficiently to a certain extent than working by themselves.

Resources usage has proved essential in team building success, apparently in business world companies have resorted improper usage of their resources as a number of them utilize team techniques in systems expansion to efficiently use their resources (Parker, 1990). Both non-technical and technical personnel do meet on a widespread ground to sledge hammer out systems solutions which in turn meet the needs of all and sundry especially the needs of end-user management and this is done during group sessions. A number of companies have succeeded with this system and are on course moving on with the group designed techniques examples being CNA Insurance Company in Dearborn, Cigna Company in Philadelphia, Michigan, and Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, it is the believe in effectual goal scenery, listening, facilitation skills, compromise building, and an enthusiasm to communicate that these companies had. These team techniques not only make effective use of resources in system development, but they also consequence in measurable benefits (Parker). Wise and effective usage of resources are essential to team building.


Individual impact has less effort now that work settings have turn out to be more complex and engross greater than before numbers of interpersonal relations. In order to augment efficiency and effectiveness, a group effort is therefore a necessity. The team creation has become a key strategy in a number of organizations hence becoming an indispensable element in upgrading and supporting the efficiency of diminutive groups and chore forces and have to be an input part of an entirety program of organizational transformation.


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