economic impact of drug use in the United States might initially seem easy to measure. A legal trial is an expensive proceeding: police officers, prosecutors or public defenders, judges, stenographers, and bailiffs are employees of the state, and even if jurors are barely remunerated, defense attorneys are lavishly remunerated. To prosecute someone for dealing marijuana…(Continue Reading)

Napolitano in Place of Roberts I would want Chief Justice Roberts to retire. As Shapiro (2014) notes, he was the Justice who “changed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate into a tax and thus rescued President Obama’s signature legislation.” For this reason alone I would want him to retire. The ACA has done nothing but…(Continue Reading)

The brain while expanding pushes the skull outward in the same perpendicular to the closed structure. This will be marked by the occurrence of ‘papilledema’ ‘pseudoproptosis’ as also ‘optic atrophy.’ (39) This results in the orbital socket being smaller and the eyes getting ‘protoposed’. The intercranial pressure is bound to be high. The symptoms in…(Continue Reading)

Knowledge worker is someone employed more because of their specific informational expertise or mastery of a subject or process instead of their ability to perform manual or physical labor. These individuals will tend to advance the information available about their subject because they are able to devote their time and energy to focused analysis, or…(Continue Reading)

Criminal Justice — Boston Marathon Bombing “Predatory criminality” is a popular theme that follows the psychological theory of criminality in modern news media and social media. The inherently evil criminal is seen as deviant and separate from society. This entertains the public while absolving them of any guilt and encouraging them to cheer when the…(Continue Reading)

Longford is a small community of approximately 3,000 people situated 20 kilometres south of Launceston. Longford lies within the Northern Midlands local government area, and has a predominantly Anglo-Saxon community. Longford Medical Services (LMS) has an active patient population of 9,905 people residing in or around Longford and employs eleven General Practitioners (GPs). In the…(Continue Reading)

Neo-Aristotelian Analysis of Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech The speech that later on came to be widely referred to as the Evil Empire Speech was delivered to and before Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals in March 8, 1983. It has been considered to be one of the most effective speeches that President Reagan…(Continue Reading)

Labor Relations Union Environment There are several differences between a union environment and a non-union environment. The most striking distance is that the workers are organized, and that has significant implications for the relationship between management and the workers. With respect to most issues, including pay and working conditions, negotiation on these issues is with…(Continue Reading)

High blood pressure or hypertension is defined as a consistent recording of systolic blood pressure of 140mm HG or greater, and a diastolic blood pressure recording of 90mm HG or greater. High blood pressure is the most common circulatory disorder among human beings. Hypertension occurs all over the world, mostly in middle-aged or elderly men…(Continue Reading)